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Copper Town Days - Car Show

T-shirt Design Ideas

Since we are hoping to sell these shirts for a profit to further our goals of improvement for San Manuel I am trying to keep the costs as low as possible. You may not know the terms I am using but I want to share my thought process. I decided against sublimation as both the shirts and the materials costs a few dollars more compared to the other two options. The first option is printing on heat transfer vinyl that I can then cut around the design to make or leave square/rectangle and then heat press onto shirts. This will feel similar to the plastic design feeling from the shirts from Walmart that have a large image on them. The other option is if we do one color design I can do screen printing which will have a vintage feel. Its essentially cutting a stencil and then using ink(essentially paint) to press the design to each shirt. It won't look perfect every time but with a vintage look that can be fun.  Check out the designs below, pay attention to their numbers and let me know your thoughts!


Full Image Printed

These ideas are fully customizable. That's why there are so many, I wanted to illustrate how different cars, backgrounds, colors, options could look. I really liked the sunset gradient and the pretty copper town days text so I used it a lot. At the end you can see an example of how I could put anything behind here if we wanted a different color scheme. I had an artist in my family draw the car and the copper town background and I converted it into a vector file we could use here. I had trouble finding good useable files of the particular car we were going for so I included a generic at the end as well. I hope you see there are a lot of possibilities and see something you like.

Also due to this direction and not choosing sublimation we can do any shirt color or multiple shirt colors! Yay for us who like black and dark grey!























Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 5.24.09 PM.png


Screen Printing - 1 color

Here I have my ideas for screen printing. The first image is the inspiration that gave me the idea when I was looking up car show shirts. My designs here look crisp but they will have more of the speckled look like the example after being pressed through a screen. 

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