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Hi! I'm Heather...

I fell in love with photography over the past few years while I captured memories of the ones I love. Since then my passion has only grown and I am excited to share this with my clients! I am very relaxed and know that being comfortable during a photo session produces the best images. Along with having a fun and relaxed atmosphere, I want your individual light to shine through! I encourage my clients to share their vision and ideas for each shoot! Kids and family are my specialties and I have packages that should cover most needs. However, if you would like we can make a personalized estimate that will be just your size!  I am based in the East Valley and North Tuscon by Oracle and Catalina Foothills. We can choose an outdoor location in that area or I can set up a mini portable studio in your home!

Lets' work together to capture those moments that will captivate your heart!

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